What extra benefit do you get for enrolling during Pre-booking offer period?

You’ll get the pack at a discounted price (10000 off) + workbooks FREE  + Free 2 months of Subscription for DVMEC Compass. Your pack will be activated as soon as you enroll and your subscription period will start.

Which workbooks  will be offered FREE during the Pre-Booking offer?

You’ll get all workbook for free. These notes are made out by our own faculties which will help you in your preparation. *If you don’t claim your notes on time and the notes are not in stock, this offer will be forfeited.

How do I claim a refund?

no Refund and no cashback at any circumstances after the commencement of classes. if it is test series there no chance of Refund.

Will my pack still work if I claim a refund?


How much of the content will change in 2020?

We’re recording videos again to incorporate all the updates and make the lectures even more high yielding. However, the flow of lectures will remain the same, so if you are already studying from MedEdu, your preparation will not be interrupted.

Will the 2019 premium users get access to updated videos and Q-bank?

Yes, the premium users whose subscription is still valid will get an access to updated videos & Q-bank after 15th January.

How do I share my subscription?

Just share your login details with your friend and you both will be able to play videos simultaneously. However, tests and Q-bank can be attempted only once.


What is the price and delivery charges of notes?

Notes will cost ₹10000 and will be delivered free of cost only within India.

I already have a 2-year (or more) membership. Will I get the updated notes?

As usual, updated notes will be available for you. For hard copy of updated 2020 notes, you will have to buy the notes again.

When will the 2020 notes be delivered?

You will receive a link on 7th January to enter your address for notes and choose a dispatch date. Once dispatched, the notes shall reach you within 7-10 business days.

Can I take screenshot of the soft copies of notes?

No. Your account will be instantly blocked if you try to take screenshots of the notes in the app.


Do MedEdu videos work on all devices?

To watch MedEdu videos on iOS, you need iOS version 10 and above, and for Android, you need version 6 and above. However, there are few devices which are not supported because of few security reasons.

  1. Lenovo K3 Note
  2. Lenovo K5 Note
  3. Asus ZenFone
  4. Xiaomi Redmi 4a
  5. Other Redmi models
  6. Lava phones
    The above list is also device specific which means some phones of the above models can support MedEdu content, while others may have issues. As much as we want MedEdu to benefit all the students, if you have any of the above mentioned devices, we will advise you to play one of the free videos in MedEdu app on your device before going for a Premium plan.

What will happen to my plan if I change my phone or device or number?

Your plan will be associated with the email id you use while enrolling. If you change your device, all your data, bookmarks, tests and usage is safe online. However, the downloaded videos will be lost in the process of device change. Just login to the other device and you will be good to go from where you left.

How can I ask Doubts?

There will be a section in the app to ask doubts from specific MedEdu faculty which will re-direct you to Facebook Premium Club, wherein you can ask unlimited doubts from the subject experts.

How many times can I watch the videos?

You can watch the videos unlimited times during the subscription of your pack.

Can I use DVMEC Cash to enroll?

Yes, you can use your DVMEC Cash to enroll for the pack & Mail us to get your Cash back on your account —- mededu.support@mededu.in

On how many devices can I play the videos at a single point of time?

Videos can be played on a single device at a time.

What is the refund policy?

All purchases will be final and no refund request will be entertained under any circumstances. Please watch the free videos on individual apps before you subscribe to the pack.

Does MedEdu App work on iOS 9?

No, MedEdu App works on iOS version 10 and above.

Will the videos be available on Laptop?

Due to security concerns, we wouldn’t be able to provide laptop access to videos.

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